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Fall News: COVID-19 and the Elections

Fall News: COVID-19 and the Elections

October 15, 2020

Happy Fall! I hope this update finds you and your loved ones well.  

School is back in session, snowbirds are determining their travel timelines and most of us are wondering when things might return to “normal”. We hope you and your loved ones are doing well. About two weeks ago, our 10-year old son, Eli, had a runny nose.  We chalked it up to fall allergies; by Monday evening, he was sleeping by 6:00 pm and Tuesday he woke up with a sore throat.  We made the decision to have him tested for COVID-19 and determined that it was best if we kept everyone home while we awaited those test results.  By Wednesday morning, Eli was back to his normal, spunky self and, selfishly, I was excited that the weather was such last week that he could enjoy his days outside while my husband and I worked from home.  His test results returned on Sunday as positive. 

Over the last two weeks, all meetings with clients were rescheduled or switched to virtual meetings using Zoom.  I am grateful for the flexibility of our clients and staff to be able to make quick changes!  Per the recommendation of the MN Department of Health, our family is in quarantine for 14 days from Eli’s first symptom.  We do not know where he encountered the virus, but we are happy to report that no one else is symptomatic at this time.  As schools shift their schedules, I anticipate that there will be more flexibility needed, but we are well equipped to offer virtual meetings!


I wanted to share with you some information from one of our trusted financial economists regarding COVID-19 and global trends.  As a parent of three children and with many of our clients active teachers or retired from the school system, I think the statistics about kids and teachers testing in low numbers is positive news. The information is not easily accessible, and I like how it is easily interpreted. You can view the information here: 2020-10-08 Covid 19 Update

Election Expectations

As with most election years, the anticipation, frustration, and tiredness of endless advertisements has set in.  Which party is in the White House generally doesn’t make a huge difference in the long run for the stock market.  Having said that, I do anticipate we will see volatility in the markets the remainder of the election cycle and until a winner has been established in the White House. We plan to hold on and let the money managers manage – unemotionally and because of what they are seeing for market trends. While I may recommend some fine tuning of portfolios for individuals, overall, I am pleased with the quick return to early 2020 values for many of our clients.

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