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Saint Cloud Office

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Suite 250
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Our Planning Process

People helping people, that’s what we’re about at Granite Financial. We take the time to get to know you on a personal level, understanding your needs, goals, values and dreams. The planning that we put in place today will allow you to feel more confident about your financial future, and help you prepare for the certainty of uncertainty. We’ll create your “financial tree of life” together, setting deep roots that incorporate your unique values and goals, and putting strong limbs in place designed to weather the storms and support your ongoing needs.

No matter where you are in life, whether you are looking to grow your existing portfolio, plan for retirement, provide care for an aging family member, or establish a meaningful legacy, we have an extensive list of services to address your needs. 

Let’s get started today on creating your customized personal plan!

DISCOVER & ANALYZE  - develop your “financial tree of life”
We will explore, identify and establish your unique needs and goals so we can develop a clear vision of your financial future. Working together to understand your financial situation and “big picture,” we’ll incorporate the various aspects of your life, focusing on what’s most important to you, and outlining how those elements impact each other and your plan - What should you bring to our first meeting?

CREATE – paint the picture of how your tree is designed to grow
We will develop clearly-defined financial planning recommendations specifically tailored to your unique needs, goals, values and dreams. Our goal is to establish a strong, healthy, long-lived plan with deep roots to provide plenty of stability, and strong limbs to carry the weight and weather potential storms

PLANT THE SEEDS – implement your plan and provide necessary food and water
We will coordinate all aspects and implementation of your plan, employing tools and strategies designed to cultivate strength and stamina, and nurturing and watering your plan as we strive to keep it healthy at all times.

NURTURE – ongoing review, maintenance and pruning as needed
We will track your plan’s progress, nurturing it and adjusting as necessary to keep your plan aligned with your evolving needs.