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Laurie Humphrey, BFA™, RICP®

Laurie Humphrey, BFA™, RICP®

Retirement Income Certified Professional® | Behavioral Financial Advisor™ | Financial Advisor

I’ve always considered myself a go-getter, and it’s trait that has provided a strong foundation for my career of serving others in the financial industry. Setting personal goals from a very young age, I wanted to get through college with no student loans. While I studied, I worked two jobs (one of which was in financial services) totaling 45 hours per week. It took me five years, but I graduated with honors and only ended up having to take out $2,500 in student loans.

I often feel that this career chose me more than I chose it. My Mom was a successful financial professional who helped people realize their retirement dreams, and I started down this path in 1996 when I began working for her. Because I carry on her tradition of serving clients with a personalized professional approach, I have earned these important designations:

Behavior Financial Advisor™ (BFA™) – This designation integrates traditional finance practices with neuroscience and psychology to align values with goals and behaviors. By building a strong relationship with you and understanding your circumstances, I am able to help you understand “why you do what you do,” so you can weather potential storms and prepare for the certainty of uncertainty.

Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) – This is the most complete and comprehensive program available to advisors seeking to help clients create sustainable retirement income. It focuses on topics like: income needs and objectives, estate issues, retirement income planning and risks, Social Security, health insurance, housing decisions and income taxation. You’ll rest easier knowing I’m at the forefront of the latest industry knowledge and financial trends.

My husband, Josh, and I have three children; a high schooler, a middle schooler, and a young adult.  Our family enjoys being outdoors, camping, and going to our cabin on Pelican Lake whenever possible. We have a houseful of pets: 3 dogs, two cats, 20 chickens and a turtle.  

I enjoy traveling, playing games (especially cards) and reading – particularly books about World War II and Minnesota history. My favorite vacation is visiting Voyageur’s National Park via a houseboat. I also dream of visiting Alaska.

As a hope-filled person who strives to choose joy, I am passionate about mental health and giving back to my community, to my profession and beyond our borders.

To learn more about my professional journey, visit The Granite Financial Our Story page


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